President Election 2018

On December 26, 2017 is a very important night for AAPG UPN SC 2017/2018, because on that night all members will decide to choose a new president that will lead AAPG UPN SC  for a year ahead. In this year’s election president, there are 2 assessment parameters, the presentation of each candidates and the vote from all members to the candidate. The three best candidates are Dynasty Hadyan Saputro, Anggit Chandra and Christophorus Galih gaharu.

On that night the decision was in the hands of all active members who voted for three candidates. The president election consists of vision mission presentation session then the second session is question and answer. Each candidate has different views and ways to lead the AAPG to face the new challenges. After both of the session, it is time for the members to vote by writing the name of one candidate in a paper, which will count to determine the chosen one. The event ended with everyone waiting on the edge of the pool of “Vila Pakem” with a pounding heart  waiting for the announcement of the elected president by former members. After waiting for a seeral minutes, suddenly a person was finally given a crown and pushed into the water which meant that he was the new leader of AAPG UPN SC, and it’s our pleasure to announce that the man who felt the coldness of the water that night was Dynasty Hadyan Saputro as the new president of AAPG UPN SC.

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