Petrology Preparation Class

In an effort to improve the ability of the members, AAPG UPN SC held the Class Preparation for lab courses petrology twice with teachers from lab assistant who is also a member of AAPG UPN SC namely IhsanRais, ZaenuriUmam, Indah Mahdya and FaishalArkhanuddin. Preparation class is held on 11-12 February 2017 in the Laboratory of Petrology UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. For the first meeting of the materials discussed are igneous rocks and for the second meeting of the materials discussed are pyroclastic rocks and sedimentary rocks and metamorphic bit.

At the first meeting of igneous material that discusses the origin of the formation of igneous rocks derived from magma. Then taught how magma differentiation processes resulting in different magma its properties. Furthermore taught about the type of igneous rock types and grouping of igneous rocks. And the last is the description of igneous rock. Since the main purpose of the lab petrology is that a geologist is able to distinguish igneous rocks with other rocks and were able to describe it and be able to explain how the process occurs.

Then, at a second meeting with the material that is practical pyroclastic rocks and sedimentary and metamorphic discuss a little about the structure and texture of the rock rock and taught how to distinguish them from each other. Beside that taught about composition and classification is in accordance with the characteristics it contains. And last is the description of the rocks seen from its structure and texture so they can know the name, the type of rock and the rock formation process.

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