Petroleum Geology Preparation Class

On Saturday, Februay 11, 2017 AAPG held a petroleum geology preparation class. It took place on Petrology Laboratory, Geological Engineering Department. The preparation class started 3 to 8 P.M. and attended by AAPG members from 2014-2015 also the volunteers. The lecture of this preparation class is AAPG’s ex-member, they are Mr. Syaifullah (Ipul), Mr. Henrycus and Mrs. Linda Mahadita.

The first knowledge about petroleum geology delivered by Mr. Syaifullah. Mr. Syaifullah give many information about basic knowledge about petroleum for example is the element-element of petroleum system, types of log and how to read the petroleum log. The second part delivered by Mrs. Linda Mahadita about Delta’s facies. She gives information about different of Delta’s material with fluvial dominated, tidal dominated or wave dominated. The final part delivered by Mr. Henrycus about job opportunities and career development. In this section, we can know that job opportunities are still very wide. We should add knowledge to be able to compete with other students from other university also other country.

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