Observation of Jokotuo and Sekarbolo Structural Field

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016, AAPG UPN-SC held a Structural Geology fieldtrip in Bayat, Klaten, Central Java. The fieldtrip was done in two stopsite. Stopsite 1 is Sekarbolo and Stopsite 2 is Joko Tuo. The fieldtrip was held with the aim to provide further introduction and understanding related to Structural Geology, which is one thing that must be mastered by a Geoscientist. The fieldtrip was guided by Structural Geology Laboratory Assistant who is also a member of AAPG UPN-SC, Faiz Z. Adli and Sandi Putrazoni.

Outcrop in stopsite 1 is a form of fault plane, striation and stepping. The outcrop showed the footwall as the results of the faults, but the hangingwall section is not visible. In this first stopsite, also be measured position of the fault plane and scratch lines using a compass. Then, on the second stopsite indicated a fairly complex geological structure. Because,  on the stopsite 2 showed three pieces of faults that occur in the outcrop. On stopsite 2 we alsa measure the shear fracture and gash fracture. And then Structural Geology fieldtrip ended with a group photo.

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