How to Write a Good Quality Paper (IPA GUIDELINES)

How to Write a Good Quality Paper (IPA Guidelines) is an AAPG’s short course that held on Saturday February 25th, 2017 from 9 a.m until 1 p.m at ALB III-2 Plane Surveying Laboratory and attended by AAPG members and volunteers. The speaker of this event was Mr. Faris M. Noor, that has successfully passed the paper’s selection and pleased to carry out a presentation at the event IPA 2017.As we know, that Mr. Faris M. Noor itself has a lot of experienced as a geoscientist. We expect that he having the pleasure to share his experience with this issue.

It’s a very good topic to discuss because we know that nowadays, expert opinion about the format of a good quality paper is very important, because it can affect SSR assessment paper. Therefore our main goal to held this event was to inspire students to enjoy writing, increasing the courage to open the minds of students and to give an explanation to students about paper in order to make a good paper in the future.

We hope that by conducting a short course in this topic, members and volunteers of AAPG UPN-SC will be able to understand more about how to make a good quality paper and assessments decision making. Furthermore, this short course will make us gain lots of benefits in our student chapter.

The first sequence of this event is greeting from President of AAPG UPN-SC, Mr. Putra Nurramdhan. The second greeting from chairman the seminar is Ms. Bella Ayudya, then Mr. Faris M. Noor as the speaker of this event started the seminar. He gave the basic knowledge to us about papers, explaining the steps to make a paper, he showed his paper, explains the benefits gained from making paper and much more. Then after the short course we take a photo together to recall memories. We hope the purpose of today’s event can be manifest in the future.

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