Granite (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) and President Election

GRANITE (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) is an event which was conducted by AAPG UPN SC on December 19th-21st 2016. It was held at Pakem Valley, Kaliurang, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. During this jubilation of 3 days and 2 nights several crucial agendas were done, such as President Election, Division Meetings, and other meetings regarding work programs which need to be done in the following year. The event is an annual event, its main purpose is to welcome new volunteers, celebrate achievements of the previous term, and also prepare for the upcoming term.

The new members (volunteers) are the ones who organize the event, annually. Besides the main purpose, the event itself is also the first step for volunteers to prove their potentials and contributions for AAPG UPN SC. This year, members and ex-members were also participating on the inauguration event.

GRANITE represents introspections, joy, bond, togetherness, and also hope. One of the highlights of this year’s inauguration, GRANITE, is how the members, ex-members, and volunteers collaborated to embody AAPG UPN SC’s visions in this particular event.

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