Graduation Celebration of Member of AAPG (October Period)

On October 1st 2016, AAPG UPN-SC was celebrating former AAPG UPN-SC’s graduation. They are Henrycus Nesha, Indi Argadestya, Angela Asmaradana, and Dwi Agung. These extraordinary people has finished their study, and has earned their Bachelor Degree through limitless hardwork and incredible efforts. This event was attended by AAPG UPN-SC’s recent members, in order to congratulate their graduated partners. The event started at 09.00 A.M. and reached an end at 01.00 P.M. This kind of event has became a tradition in AAPG UPN-SC’s family, for it is a very important moment, looking at their ‘family’ embracing a bright new future towards them. As a saying goes, “All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”, either did us wishing that each of them would have their courahge to pursue their dreams.

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