Graduation Celebration of Member of AAPG (January Period)

Graduation is not merely about celebration after the long journey of sweats and tears, but it’s also about the beginning of a new chapter. There a will be a moment to rest tired limbs. The excitement of hopes and dreams for the future is also already expected. In this period, on January 14, 2017, AAPG UPN-SC celebrate and escort 5 of its family members to rejoice on their peak of college chapter.

Fifth ex-members who graduated on that time are Erlangga Dwi Putranto, Dekarini Saputri, Annisa Rahmanahari, Desi Lamdasari and Radika Alfa Prasaja. They are great people, both in the lecture to be active in the organization. Many positive things that we can learn about their personality. On that day, not only they, but we all member AAPG UPN-SC to be happy. All members held a celebration event in geological park.

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