Gathering “Anniversary and Breakfasting” AAPG UPN SC

AAPG UPN sc held a gathering and breakfasting on Wednesday, June 15th 2016. This event was held to celebrate anniversary of AAPG UPN sc too. The gathering and breakfasting started at 05:00 pm until 08:00 pm. This event held in Kedai Madre Taman Wisata Kuliner Pringwulung, Nologaten, Sleman. All the members were pleased to wear blue or white dress code to attended the gathering and breakfasting.

The event started with opening by master of ceremony. Then the members and volunteers breakfasting together with the dishes that already prepared. After that, there is an anniversary celebration of AAPG UPN SC. This event was attended by all the members and volunteers. The gathering and breakfasting event is attended by several members of the previous period too.

Gathering and breakfasting have a purpose to keep our togetherness and also solidarity among members and volunteers of AAPG UPN SC. Furthermore the event is also to keep a nice relationship beetwen members, volunteers, and the members of AAPG UPN SC from the previous period. This event is to refresh our psychic after a hectic activity too.

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