Granite (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) and President Election

GRANITE (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) is an event which was conducted by AAPG UPN SC on December 19th-21st 2016. It was held at Pakem Valley, Kaliurang, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. During this jubilation of 3 days and 2 nights several crucial agendas were done, such as President Election, Division Meetings, and other meetings […]


Geostones 2016 : “Youth Geoscientist Role in Sustainable Energy”

  American Association of Petroleum Geologists UPN Student Chapter and Society of Exploration Geophysicist UPN Student chapter organized a joint event named Geostones 2016 with theme “Youth Geoscientist Role in Sustainable Energy”. The event itself was held on 11th – 12th 2016 in University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta. The events are consisted of several […]

Geostones 2016 : “Youth Geoscientist Role in Sustainable Energy"

Advanced Technology in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Development as a Source of Future Energy

This seminar was held on December 3rd 2016 at Faculty of Economic and Bussiness Seminar Room UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. The speakers of this seminar was Sugeng Haryanto as Senior Manager Exploration Non-Conventional from Pertamina Hulu Energy, Taufik A Manan as Exploring Consultant Manager from PetroRaya Resources, and Bagus Surya Bahari as Production Engineer from Pertamina […]

Interview Test for Recruitment

The final interview of AAPG UPN-SC new member recruitment is really important. It is the last phase of new members recruitement. The phase of final interview divided into two days. First day was on Friday, December 2 2016 at 6 pm until 10 pm located in GCPJ Laboratory. The interview followed by eleven participants and […]

Geology Total Action 2016

On November 27 , 2016 there was Geology Total Action, a geology competition event which was held by Geological Engineering Student Association ofUPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. AAPG UPN-SC sent delegations to attend Paper Competition. The team, consisted of three members of AAPG, Muhammad Yedi A., Holy Chrisnanda, and Muhammad Ryan Hidayatullah, wrote a paper entitled “Kajian […]


Introduction to 3D Reservoir Modeling

This event was held on Tuesday, 15th November 2016 at Seminar Room Geological Engineering Department. This event discussed about workflow of reservoir modelling. Introduction to 3D Reservoir Modeling was presented by Mr. Dicky Trisnadi as Senior Reservoir Geologist. The participants of this event were 30 AAPG members and ex-members also 15 participants from Geological Engineering […]


First Deepwater Oil & Gas Field in Indonesia: Discovery & Development (Study Case West Seno & Bangka Field, Makassar Strait)

This event was held on Saturday, 12th November 2016 at ALA D Room (Petroleum Engineering Building) University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta. This seminar discussed “First Deepwater Oil & Gas Field in Indonesia: Discovery & Development” by Mr. Aprianto Somantri as Senior Petroleum Engineer West Seno-Bangka Asset Team, Chevron Indonesia Company. The participants of these […]


IT Division Test for Recruitment

AAPG UPN SC held IT Test on 15th of November 2016 at the geocomputation laboratory UPN Veteran Yogyakarta. This recruitment phase started at 19.00 PM. This IT test have a purpose to get a new members that qualified in the IT field. There were nine candidates for this recruitment phase.The nine candidates were divided into […]


The 4th Olimpiade Geologi Indonesia

Olimpiade Geologi Indonesia is a fieldwork and study case competition that held by Universitas Padjajaran Bandung. The 4th Olimpiade Geologi Indonesia was held on 7-12th November 2016 and one of APPG’s member join the team to representative Geological Engineering of Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta. The type of this competition are basic geology test, fieldwork […]


Geology Student Competition (GSC) 2016

Geology Student Competition (GSC) 2016 is a competition event organized by Himpunan Mahasiswa “GEA” Institut Teknologi Bandung which was held on October 31 – November 5, 2016 in Bandung. In this occasion, AAPG UPN Student Chapter has send one of the delegate named Gneis Desika Zoenir who went forward with her team in Study Case […]


Paper and Poster Competition: Trapspot 2016

UPN SC’s passion to compete is very high especially in academic part. One of our way to satisfy our competing desire in to join in every competitions. On November 2nd and 3rd , AAPG UPN SC sent two teams to compete in Trapspot Poster Competition held by AAPG Padjajaran University, Jatinangor, West Java. The first […]


Modelling Presentation for Recruitment

The Geomodelling Exhibition was held on November 6th 2016. This exhibition is a part of recruitment series. Geomodelling exhibition was held on ALB III-3 room, Geological Engineering building. The purpose of this recruitment phase is to give the recruits a deeper understanding about the basic knowledge of geology. The theme of this phase is Geological […]