Discovering the Secret of Basement of Java Island in Bayat Field

As a preparation to face Bayat Field Excursion for the 5th semester members from geological engineering, AAPG UPN SC held a field study in the same location where Bayat Field Excursion will be held. The subjects and material studied at the field study is the closest to things that members will face during the field excursion, the field study itself was lectured by four members of AAPG UPN SC in 7th Semester, who already went and experienced the Bayat Field Excursion last year. The field study were consists of 4 Stopsites, the first stopsite is Trembono where members studied about faults placed in Trembono, members also relearning how to collect datas to analyze a fault. The second stopsite is Tegalrejo, here members learn how to measure and collect data from a recumbent fold. The third stopsite is WatuPrau, here all members learn about what are the lithologiesinWatuPrau and also how many lithology contacts are in WatuPrau, members also relearning how to make a cross section. The last stopsite is Mount Temas, where members about the fault in Mount Temas and learn about the paleosoil in Mount Temas.

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