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President Election 2018

On December 26, 2017 is a very important night for AAPG UPN SC 2017/2018, because on that night all members will decide to choose a new president that will lead AAPG UPN SC  for a year ahead. In this year’s election president, there are 2 assessment parameters, the presentation of each candidates and the vote […]


Discover Conventional and Unconventional Energy of Ancient Mahakam Deltaic Environment Through Field Observation in Sanga – Sanga Area, Kutai Kartanegara, East Borneo, Indonesia

On the first day of the fieldtrip, the AAPG UPN SC team started its activities around the Islamic Center of Balikpapan Mosque. The member has done observations of outcrops while lecturer provide an introduction to the Kutai Basin and its constituent Formations, as described above. To complete the participants knowledge, each gets a pocket book […]

AAPG Company Visit to Conoco Phillips

AAPG Company Visit to Conoco Phillips

On Thursday, November 9th 2017, AAPG UPN-SC successfully held a Company Visit program to Conoco Phillips Indonesia in Jakarta.  This company visit has a tagline “Seismicity Talk with ConocoPhillips”. From the tagline we know that, our company visit program this time discuss about the seismic activity that Conoco Phillips has done to help the exploration […]


How to Write a Good Quality Paper (IPA GUIDELINES)

How to Write a Good Quality Paper (IPA Guidelines) is an AAPG’s short course that held on Saturday February 25th, 2017 from 9 a.m until 1 p.m at ALB III-2 Plane Surveying Laboratory and attended by AAPG members and volunteers. The speaker of this event was Mr. Faris M. Noor, that has successfully passed the […]

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Petroleum Geology Preparation Class

On Saturday, Februay 11, 2017 AAPG held a petroleum geology preparation class. It took place on Petrology Laboratory, Geological Engineering Department. The preparation class started 3 to 8 P.M. and attended by AAPG members from 2014-2015 also the volunteers. The lecture of this preparation class is AAPG’s ex-member, they are Mr. Syaifullah (Ipul), Mr. Henrycus […]


Fun Futsal AAPG UPN-SC to Build Stronger Relationship Between Member

On January14th, 2017, Event Division from AAPG UPN-SC held Fun Futsal at Telaga Futsal 1. The event itself was started on the evening and lasted for 2 hours. It’s main purpose is to strengthen the bond between each member ,especially for new members (volunteers). Fun futsal was not specified for certain participants. Every member was […]


Granite (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) and President Election

GRANITE (Greatest AAPG’s Night of Inauguration and Elaboration) is an event which was conducted by AAPG UPN SC on December 19th-21st 2016. It was held at Pakem Valley, Kaliurang, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. During this jubilation of 3 days and 2 nights several crucial agendas were done, such as President Election, Division Meetings, and other meetings […]


Geostones 2016 : “Youth Geoscientist Role in Sustainable Energy”

  American Association of Petroleum Geologists UPN Student Chapter and Society of Exploration Geophysicist UPN Student chapter organized a joint event named Geostones 2016 with theme “Youth Geoscientist Role in Sustainable Energy”. The event itself was held on 11th – 12th 2016 in University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta. The events are consisted of several […]


Paper and Poster Competition: Trapspot 2016

UPN SC’s passion to compete is very high especially in academic part. One of our way to satisfy our competing desire in to join in every competitions. On November 2nd and 3rd , AAPG UPN SC sent two teams to compete in Trapspot Poster Competition held by AAPG Padjajaran University, Jatinangor, West Java. The first […]


Modelling Presentation for Recruitment

The Geomodelling Exhibition was held on November 6th 2016. This exhibition is a part of recruitment series. Geomodelling exhibition was held on ALB III-3 room, Geological Engineering building. The purpose of this recruitment phase is to give the recruits a deeper understanding about the basic knowledge of geology. The theme of this phase is Geological […]