Engineering Geology for Slope Stability Analysis

The preparation class started from 7 to 9 P.M. and attended by AAPG members. Mr. Yoga as the lecture of this preparation class is also the laboratory assistant which is capable to be the lecture for preparation class. The class started by Mr. Yoga explanation about what is geotechnical subject for, and then continued by […]


Drilling Operation and Wellsite Geologists in Oil and Gas Industry

This event was held on Wednesday, 23th December 2015 at Sedimentology Labooratory Room University of Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran”  Yogyakarta. These course discussed “Drilling Operation and Wellsite Geologists in Oil and Gas Industry” by Mr. Aman Hakiki Nasution as  Production Supervisor, Dart Energy Indonesia. The participants of these course were 30 AAPG members & ex-members, also […]



  In Saturday, February 20th 2016, AAPG held a lunch at “Kedai Oak” attended by the members of AAPG and AAPG’s volunteers. We held this event in order to make a good relation between AAPG’s members and AAPG’s volunteers. This event started at 04.00 PM after we had our first meeting to discuss about our […]

aapg's night to remember till the end

The Inauguration: AAPG’S Night to Remember Till The End

Inauguration is an activity that is held as a form of gratitude for the welcome and inaugurated a new member in an organization. The inaugural event was held to familiarize the old members and new members AAPG UPN SC.Inauguration held by the AAPG UPN SC on January,2nd2016 until January, 3rd 2016, located in the Alifa […]

Preparation to Face Bayat Field Excursion

                As a preparation to face Bayat Field Excursion for the 5th semester members from geological engineering, AAPG UPN SC held a field study in the same location where Bayat Field Excursion will be held. The subjects and material studied at the field study is the closest to […]


The First Meeting of AAPG UPN-SC

The first meeting of AAPG UPN-SC is really important. It is the first time for both new volunteers and official members met. The important goals for the first meeting are probably to have fun, meet everyone, and draw out each other’s ideas for what the organization might do together. The meeting was held on December, […]

Modern And Ancient Mahakam Delta Field Trip, East Kalimantan – Indonesia

BACKGROUND OF EVENT General Background A geoscience engineering student is expected to be able to work and to contribute both on the field and in the laboratory. The basic principles and the theories has been well-taught  both in the laboratory and classroom. In order to apply those theories and to support personal capacity, a field […]

2016 President Election

2016 President Election

Friday, 2nd January 2016. President election held, the one of many important things in AAPG UPN SC path ways. The choosen one will lead us, will guide us, will bring us on the top level. Therefore, we have to choose carefully and honestly. There were Chatarina Indah Dhamayanti, Alvin Taufik Hidayat, Holly Chrisnanda, and Rosa […]