Discovering the Secret of Basement of Java Island in Bayat Field

As a preparation to face Bayat Field Excursion for the 5th semester members from geological engineering, AAPG UPN SC held a field study in the same location where Bayat Field Excursion will be held. The subjects and material studied at the field study is the closest to things that members will face during the field […]


Gathering “Anniversary and Breakfasting” AAPG UPN SC

AAPG UPN sc held a gathering and breakfasting on Wednesday, June 15th 2016. This event was held to celebrate anniversary of AAPG UPN sc too. The gathering and breakfasting started at 05:00 pm until 08:00 pm. This event held in Kedai Madre Taman Wisata Kuliner Pringwulung, Nologaten, Sleman. All the members were pleased to wear […]

Visited AAPG UPN SC in The 39th Indonesia Petroleum Association Convention and Exhibition

AAPG UPN SC at 40th Indonesia Petroleum Association Convention and Exhibition

Indonesian Petroleum Association held the 40th Convention and Exhibition on 25 – 27th, the event itself took place on Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan. The title on the 40th Convention itself is. Our members including president and vice president attended the event as the invitee from AAPG Asia Pacific booth, our president scheduled to presentate our student chapter profile in front of IPA […]


AAPG’s Integrated Petrophysics Study

On Wednesday, April 28th 2016, AAPG UPN SC held a short course about petrophysics. It took place on ALB.3.2 class in Geological Engineering Departement. Short course started from 7 to 9 P.M. and attended by AAPG member from 2013-2014 also the volunteers. Mr. Faris M. Noor as the lecture of this short course, he is […]


Correlation Between Surface and Subsurface Mapping

This event held on April 27th – April 29th 2016. As a join event, this event coordinated by AAPG UPN SC, Geological Engineering Student Association UPN Veteran Yogyakarta and UPN SM-IAGI (Indonesia Profesional Geologist Student Chapter). This event held for 3 days, AAPG UPN SC take the first day as a Seminar with theme “Correlation […]


Kartini’s Day

Kartini’s Day, also referred to as Women Emancipation Day, is an Indonesian National Day that commemorates Raden Ajeng Kartini. R. A. Kartini, was a prominent Indonesian national heroine from Java. She was also a pioneer in the area of education for girls and women’s rights for Indonesians. Kartini’s Day was held every year on April […]


Graduation Day

Saturday, April 16th 2016 UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta held graduation day. There is 30 graduated students from Geological Engineering and two of them is a member of  AAPG UPN-SC. AAPG’s members who have graduated is Dilla Artha, S.T. and Roni Rahman, S.T. This Graduation Day was attended by members and volunteers of the AAPG and Geological […]

The Important Role of Geologist and Geophysicist in Oil and Gas Industry

The Important Role of Geologist and Geophysicist in Oil and Gas Industry

Seminar is one of the events that held by AAPG UPN SC, the topic of this seminar is “The Important Role of Geologist and Geophysicist in Oil and Gas Industry”. The purpose of seminar were the candidate fresh man of geologist and geophysicist that concerned in oil and gas industry to find out about the […]

Ancient Basement of Java Land

Ancient Basement of Java Land

American Association of PetroleumGeologist UPN SC on April 3 2016, held fieldtrip activity in Bayat, Klaten. District which is one of many Geo Site in Central Java, Indonesia. Petrological and paleontological became the main theme on this fieldtrip. Bayat Zone could tell us many stories of the Java land formed. There are many geological aspects […]