AAPG UPN SC Attended 2nd Student Chapter Leadership Summit: Establishing Synergy to Connect Exploration In The Future

On October 22nd – 23rd, AAPG UPN SC attended Diponegoro University at Semarang to join other AAPG Student Chapters in 2nd Student Chapter Leadership Summit held by AAPG UNDIP SC titled Establishing Synergy to Connect Exploration In The Future. There are two renowned foreign lectures attended the summit, Mr. Peter D. Grant as the President of American Association of Petroleum Geologists of Asia Pacific Region, and Mr. Peter Butterworth, sedimentologist and stratigrapher of BP. On the first day, we attended seminar discussing about Petroleum Play Concept and Indonesia Petroleum Industry and the recent issues. Mr. Peter D. Grant also gave us speech about how to be a professional geoscientist and how we should prepare for the future upcoming issues especially in oil and gas industries. Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko also attended the seminar as the moderator.

During the second day, we attended the fieldtrip to Jabungan with Mr. Peter Butterworth as the main speaker on the fieldtrip, Mr. Peter D. Grant also join us during the fieldtrip. On the field we study about stratigraphy sequences and also learn how to determine which sediment layer deposited earlier than other sediments on the field. After the fieldtrip we attended the gala dinner and each AAPG student chapters shared about their events they held before, we also shared about our upcoming events.

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