AAPG Funtalk

On 16th March 2018, AAPG Funtalk was held from 19:30-20:20 at Gya Café. Purpose of this event is to tell college student when graduate and how college student handle it. The Speaker of AAPG FunTalk is Mr.Abdurrahman Harits as Geologist and HSE Engineer that now have his own farm and also Mr. Pandu Dewanata as Head of Mining Engineering that have an wedding organizer.

 AAPG FunTalk is a Coffee Talk which is fun and not so serious, but with a great material from the speakers. The audience are about 45 people, they were excited and enjoy the event. We invited member of AAPG  AKPRIND, AAPG UGM, MGEI UPN, IAGI UPN, PC UPN, GSDC UPN, KU UPN, and SEG UPN.

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